StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer

Already ladies, let’s talk about your Christmas gifts! What did you get for Christmas that you love and has changed your life this New Year? My husband gets the best husband of the year award because he came up with a Christmas gift for me that even I didn’t think of! He really knows me and my business. Guess what I got?!

He got me a motorized makeup brush cleaner. It is the StylPro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer and boy is it awesome! I honestly didn’t even know this was an option for me. Every time I get home from an event/wedding, I spend what feels like forever cleaning my brushes. I dip my brushes in cleaner then wipe them in a back and forth motion on a paper towel. I used so many paper towels, it was unreal! Oh and I might make a mess. Then, I leave all my brushes on our counter drying. They are everywhere and get in the way. I would always clean my brushes right away because usually I work the next day. I like to have everything cleaned and reorganized after my events. Plus it takes time for them to dry. I hate letting my kit or brushes be dirty and wait days to clean it. I come home and clean my airbrush system, brushes and kit immediately. It makes me feel better to know it is done!

However, my husband is now making me lazy when it comes to my brushes! This new system is so easy to use and my brushes dry immediately that now I don’t clean them right away. I don’t need to let them dry anymore. I can clean my brushes and walk out the door. It feels so nice to have one less thing to do after standing on my feet for hours at a wedding.

Let me tell you how this works! You place a makeup brush into a silicone collar then place the makeup brush down into a bowl filled with makeup brush clean. I prefer to use Cinema Secrets brush cleaner. Then you turn on the StylPro device that your makeup brush is connected to and it spins the makeup off the brush. Then you spin the brush dry! It cleans my brushes in 30 seconds and they are dry right away! I am also saving the life of my brushes now. Before I would do a back and forth motion on a paper towel, it was easy to push too hard and case more friction on the brushes. I would notice after time they were wearing down fast, the bristles of the brush would fall out. This new device keeps my brushes looking brand new and intact longer!

I can’t believe my husband took the time to research brands like this and what other professionals were saying! He was so excited when I opened this gift. He told me names of professional artist that use it and love it! He knew how to use it properly and was thinking about me and how this would saving me time and money! I win! I got a man that thinks about my makeup brushes, yes!!

If you are a professional artist and haven’t seen this system you are missing out! Even the everyday woman, it is extremely important to wash your brushes weekly! The amount of germs and bacteria on makeup brushes, is just gross! Keep your face clear by cleaning your makeup brushes! Anyone can use this system, it is easy, fast and fun! I was like a 5 year old girl who got her favorite baby doll, I was pumped!

Check out my video below on how to use this life changing makeup brush cleaner!

Thank you to my husband, you just upped the bar for next year! HaHa