Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics

Alright guys I jumped on the band wagon. I tried Gimme Brow from Benefit Cosmetics and well… I’m sold! I know everyone has been loving this product forever and I finally decided it was time I gave it a chance. Well, actually I started doing the monthly subscription boxes from Sephora and it came in my box! HaHa!
For my personal makeup I love my NYX Brow Pencil. I love how I have complete control over the product. It glides on so easily and it stays all day for me. Their brow pencil also comes in multiple colors and I found a shade that works very well for me. I don’t like my personal brows to look too dark. For my professional kit I had been using Senna Brow Palette as a powder form. I had a few NYX Brow Pencils, Stila Brow Pencils, Ardell Brow Pomade and Anastasia Brow Pomade. I have nothing like this in my kit. Here is my review of Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics.

What I love about Gimme Brow:

It comes in a ton of color options!
Also, it goes on so easy and using the brow wand I can make my brows look very “real” even though they aren’t!
I actually thought I would hate that type of wand on my brows but I actually think I love it. It really creates the effect of “natural hair” which is what we want. We don’t want our brows to look too fake. That is not pretty at all! The product doesn’t come out too heavy so you can really get the fullness you want or don’t want.
It dries well and keeps your brows in place unlike a traditional pencil.

What I don’t love about Gimme Brow:

There is only one thing I don’t like about it. I have a hard time getting the inner part of my brows to be squared off. I don’t like it too squared but I like a certain look on my personal brows. I feel like every time I try to create my signature brow with Gimme Brow, it looks different on the inner brow. I normally will take my NYX Brow Pencil and go back over the inner edges to make sure they are perfect. If I turn the wand on its side and use it a little differently to achieve the look I want, it gets too much product on my brows.

All in all, I love this product for my brows. I think it looks like natural hair and goes on easy. If you don’t like your brows to look too over done, I recommend this product. The wand will follow the shape of your brow giving you a natural look. But if you are a makeup artist and have a very specific brow look, you might not love this as much. You might be like me and pair it with another brow product.

Check out the link below to our IGTV channel on Instagram to watch a full video on how to apply this product!
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