Make Up For Ever Water Blend Foundation

It is time for a product review!

I added Make Up For Ever Water Blend foundation into my kit late last year. I personally love to carry a wide range of foundations. I want silicone, oil, wax and water. I’m a huge fan of having a variety of options to fit my client’s skin conditions. Skin care is number one in my book. I love to give my clients a mini facial before makeup. We know the secret to amazing makeup, is amazing skin care! I also believe that different foundations work well for different types of photo shoots and/or clients. I work a lot of weddings which means I provide makeup for a lot of mothers and grandmothers. For mature skin, I love this foundation. It is very light and its main ingredient is water. Most mature skin clients seem to be dry and the water works well with their skin. I also love this foundation for a Jr. bridesmaid or older flower girl. We don’t want a heavy makeup look for them and this makeup looks like you are not wearing makeup. You will not get a full coverage with it. You can layer it and get a medium coverage but I wouldn’t recommend this foundation for camera work. In my opinion, the coverage is not full enough. I also believe that a water based foundation doesn’t have the same “staying” power as other type of foundations.

Reasons I love this foundation:

It looks like skin

It has a very natural finish

Feels very lightweight

Great for clients who don’t like to wear foundation

Great for clients with sensitive skin

Hydrates the skin

Dewy finish

Comes in a variety of colors including pink, yellow & neutral undertones

I would recommend this foundation for extremely dry clients, mature skin clients who are not looking for a full coverage, young teenager skin and very sensitive skin clients.

What I don’t love:

I don’t believe we can have a full coverage

It is 80% water and water just can’t hide/correct skin as well

It is supposed to be water proof but I do believe this foundation would need light touch up after a long day

The consistency of the foundation is slippery and very wet

Needs shaken well

I wouldn’t recommend this foundation for clients who will be on camera such as commercial/production work. I wouldn’t recommend this for a bride who is having a summer wedding unless skin conditions are very bad and we believe this is the best option.

Overall I really do love this foundation. I believe it has been a great alternative in my kit. I work with a ton of clients who don’t even wear foundation every day. This is a special foundation I have for my clients who don’t like makeup, have mature skin,  looking for mineral coverage, grandmothers of the bride and my perfect skinned Jr. Bridesmaids. This foundations is very hydrating and looks like skin. I love the dewy look and the lightweight feel.

This foundation is $43

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