Makeup artist wearing pink eye shadow and using Embryolisse

Embryolisse LaiteCreme Concentre – 24 Hour Miracle Cream: My Favorite Moisturizer…EVER!

I recently did a video about Embryolisse. Check it out here: Le Reve Makeup & Hair – Instagram IGTV Channel

I love this brand and I’m so happy I was introduced to it while in makeup school. Embryolisse is a French based company. So, you know what the means, I was sold! HaHa! They carry a wide range of products but my favorite one is the LaiteCreme Concentre – 24 Hour Miracle Cream!

I don’t have a single negative to say about this moisturizer, honestly.

1. It has a light smell – It doesn’t give me a headache or come off too strong when putting it on clients. So, from teens to mothers of the bride, everyone can appreciate the gentle smell.
2. It works! Plan and simple. I have seen improvement on my skin. I don’t use much of anything else on my face but this moisturizer before my makeup and before bed. I also see it working in minutes with my clients. There is nothing worse than a very dry client that needs makeup for a special event. I like to put a layer of this on them and let it sit for a minute. Then, I will move on to their eye makeup, once I am done with their eye makeup, I will give them one more layer of cream. My makeup never looks dry because of this cream!
3. It can be used as a primer! That’s right, it’s not just a moisturizer it’s a primer!
4. It can be a makeup remover or thinner. You could use this as a mixing medium to thin-out products or use it around the eyes to clean up fall out. Not only does it remove the fall out, but we are adding extra moisturizer to your eyes.
5. The texture is so light and silky! It doesn’t feel heavy or feel as if you are wearing moisturizer. I personally hate that, I don’t like to smell or feel my face creams. This product is so light, it absorbs right into the skin and creates a camera-ready effect!

And… last but not least, it contains ingredients such as Shea Butter, Fatty Acids and Soy proteins. I honestly believe this is the number one skin prep I have to have in my professional makeup kit. I can never run low on this cream! I truly believe it has made my personal skin look and feel younger and made my career as a makeup artist easier!

I love to shop for my Embryolisse products at Camera Ready Cosmetics. 

Try it out and let me know what you think! It is $28 on Camera Ready Cosmetics for a 2.54oz bottle. For some clients this could be the one and only negative but I believe it’s worth every single penny!