Christmas Wish List

Christmas time is here! Man who else loves Christmas music, baked goods and Hallmark movies besides me? Everyone right?! This is the best time of the year and the time of year that we tell our loved ones what we want on our Christmas list. Well… here is my Christmas list! If I won the lottery tomorrow and could buy all my favorite makeup and hair products I would buy all the product listed below. Unfortunately I didn’t win the lottery so I will give this list to my husband and hope he spoils me this year 😉

1. I would buy every single Viseart eye shadow product, maybe a little excessive but Viseart is the Bentley of makeup. Their eye shadow is extremely pigmented and last all day. The colors are perfect. They are vibrant and a true hue. I don’t even have words to describe their products you have to just use them and see for yourself! Viseart is a higher end makeup company but completely worth the money!

2. Face Atelier Ultra Foundation Pro! I first used this awesome foundation during school at Makeup First School of Makeup Artistry! Woah this foundation is life! This foundation matches your skin perfectly, skin looks flawless, blurs pores and lasts all day and night. They have a wide range of colors to match all skin types along with zero minus and zero plus, which are adjusters to match colors perfectly to clients. What more can a makeup artist ask for?! I actually am very sad to say this but I don’t carry Face Atelier in my professional makeup kit. I want to but I had already invested a lot of money in other outstanding brands but for 2018 this one is jumping on board and getting in my kit. I can’t go another bridal season without it. This foundation is also a higher end line but a little goes a long way.

3. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I first used Oribe while working at Arch Apothecary in Chicago, IL. What an outstanding hair line! Honestly I would take anything from this company for Christmas! From shampoo to styling products and tools, this company knew what they were doing. I love using dry shampoos on my updo hairstyles. This texturizing spay gives the hair perfect texture so the style is easily created and lasts all night. It also adds volume to the hair and it is perfect for my bridal parties. You should try all their products. Oh, and every product has the same signature sent, which is to die for!

4. Zuca Pro Artist Roller Bag, yes please! I am always looking for new makeup and hair bags. I drag my kit through mud, gravel and more. It is extremely heavy and I have had the hardest time finding the right bag for my kit. I have tried them all but Zuca, until now. Zuca is the bag that says “I made it as a makeup/hair artist.” But let’s be real, I am cheap when it comes to my bag. It gets tore up so quickly, that is why I have had a hard time investing so much money into a good bag but I know I need to. I’m sick of wasting money on cheap bags that never work. This bag is over $300 but I know it is worth it, go onto any online form and all professionals are singing praises for this bag. I have used the company’s utility pouches and these are outstanding. If you are not a professional makeup artist, these pouches are great for the everyday woman. They are perfect for throwing your makeup products in them. They have a ton of room and if makeup spills it is easy to clean and they are easy to store away as well.

5. MAC Lipsticks, honestly I was never a MAC girl. During my makeup training we never used MAC products, I was trained in Cinema Secrets, RCMA, MakeupForever, Face Atelier, Inglot and more. Most brands I was trained in are not at Sephora or Ulta. They are professional lines that we get at makeup shows, online or specialty stores. They are the top makeup companies for professionals. I never worked in a mall as an artist and played with lines that are popular with the everyday client. I haven’t played around with MAC much at all. Most artists who love and use only MAC were MAC artist in the mall then left to develop their own freelance business. But I hear a lot of wonderful things about MAC products and specifically their lipsticks. I follow an online forum for makeup artists around the world and I feel like most of my fellow artists are loving MAC lipsticks, so I think it is time I try some! I have read articles about MAC lipsticks having great long wear formulas. I think it is time I get myself a few of these for my 2018 professional kit!

There you have it, my top 5 products I am hoping Santa brings me this year! What is on your Christmas wish list?

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