Here are our 10 Secrets to a Stress-Free Wedding Day Timeline!

Man, it is your wedding day! It is finally here, it feels like you have been planning and organizing forever. You made sure every minute of the ceremony and reception are laid out perfectly. Your dad is giving the prayer before dinner, cake cutting will follow the father-daughter dance, your maid-of-honor will give a speech right after the best man, your D.J has the playlist for the night, and you believe your wedding planner understood all your details, what could go wrong? Oh yeah, you did not even think about the pre-wedding festivities, the morning of the wedding day. If your hair and makeup are not done on time, your day can go from a smooth ride to a horrifying roller coaster in a minute. Now you’re running in your beautiful, white, freshly steamed wedding dress to the aisle to make your ceremony start time. Your bridesmaids are trying to keep you clam but you’re an hour behind and the stress is making you lose your control. Your heart is beating out of your chest and the sweat from the anxiety is ruining your makeup. Everyone is running around the hotel room in a panic and… it is starting to rain!

This does not have to happen to you on the biggest day of your life. A lot of brides do not realize the importance of having an organized timeline from the very beginning of the day to the very end. Starting your morning off right will make a world of difference for the rest of the day. This is the number one secret when it comes to wedding planning. If you do not have the right timeline for hair and makeup, the timeline for the whole day will be off. Now because you are behind schedule, you are not relaxed, happy, excited, you are everything opposite of what you could be if you would have listened to your stylist. As a makeup artist, hairstylist and owner of Le Rêve Makeup & Hair, I always talk to the bride about her wedding day plans. I will talk to the wedding planner and photographer as well. I am a wedding planner for the pre-wedding day festivities, my company knows the importance of organization to make your day as relaxing as possible.

Here are our 10 secrets to keeping your wedding day hair & makeup timeline in order!

  1. Listen to your stylist! We recommend 45 minutes per service, minimum. We will always ask our bride the time she wants everyone in the wedding party to have hair and makeup done by. Then we will end our services 30 minutes before this time. This will allow for “extra” time if needed, payments, touch-ups and maybe add on services.
  2. Yes, you did that math correct! If you have a large bridal party, everyone is getting hair and makeup and you want to be ready by 1p.m., it will be a very early morning. Drink lots of coffee! Stylist cannot work miracles in 10 minutes per service!
  3. Make sure your stylist makes a timeline for you. We always make a timeline for our brides. It will list each bridal party member’s name, services they are receiving and time slot. My company will gather all this information in the bridal contract. We have our brides list, each client’s name, along with hair type, length and desired style. This way, we can make a timeline that fits each client’s needs and is as accurate as possible.
  4. Always have your bridesmaids come with a clean, fresh, just washed, makeup free face! Do not put on moisturizer, concealer or anything! This just takes more time out of the schedule to clean the clients face. I like to see and feel my client’s raw face. I can tell how oily you are, where you are dry and the condition of your skin.
  5. Always have dry hair for your hair appointment. This will also make the day longer if you come with wet hair to get an updo! It is best to shower the day before, not the day of. The oils from dirty hair make styling hair much easier. If you must shower that morning, please blow dry your hair. Unless you are getting a blowout, then fresh, just showered hair is perfect!
  6. Have pictures of inspiration saved on your phone. Don’t pull up Pinterest while sitting in the seat! Show your stylist pictures you love and dislike. This will help you and your stylist be on the same page.
  7. Brides, decide if you want each bridesmaid to have an updo, half up style, down or each lady can pick whatever they would like. The same with makeup, if you have any restrictions or ideas please tell your bridal party members and stylist.
  8. Ask your stylist if they have assistants and/or extra artist they can bring with them to shorten your timeline. My company has an extra artist fee. Once we make a timeline, we will send it to the bride. If the bride does not want to start at that desired time, she can add on additional artist to cut her timeline in half.
  9. Even with touch-up time allowed in our timeline, always bring extra items with you for touch up. Hair spray, bobby pins, lip stick, etc. these items are necessary throughout the day!
  10. Last but not least, make sure you tell your bridesmaid to show up at least 15 minutes before their scheduled makeup and/or hair time. Maybe the stylist is running ahead of schedule, let’s keep that ball rolling. Or maybe your stylist is ahead but your bridesmaid is 10 minutes late. Now the whole schedule is behind. Being on time for a wedding day is huge, make sure all your ladies know that time is extremely valuable that day!

We love to guide our brides in the pre-wedding day schedules. Having the right timeline will make your wedding day relaxing and beautiful! Smile, take a deep breath and enjoy this new chapter! Let the professionals handle the rest!